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'You may kiss the bride'...does it still have a place in a modern ceremony?!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We have all heard the classic line ‘ you may now kiss the bride’. Usually spoken by the officiant nea

the end of a ceremony and often accompanied by rapturous applause and cheers from family and friends as the happy couple smooch!

This practice is said to date back to ancient Rome where the kiss was seen as a legal bond that sealed the contract. But does this wording, or even this moment still have a place in a modern wedding ceremony?

Let’s start with the kiss itself…

For some couples the thought of standing in front of a room full of people and kissing on demand is toe-curlingly cringing; all eyes watching such a personal moment. Then there is the question of the kiss itself…what is appropriate? How long should we kiss for? Are we using tongues?!!?! My Grannie will be watching!

If you don’t want to end your ceremony with a public kiss then don’t, remove it altogether! But if you still fancy the thought of a ‘moment’ to seal the union then how about considering one of these alternative options:

· A first toast – kick off the party mood with a glass of something special!

· A round of applause!

· A high five!

· Create a confetti moment – this could be particularly lovely if there are kids who could get involved in this

· A selfie!

· Do a little dance of joy!

· Hold hands, turn to your guests and raise your arms up in the air in celebration!

Essentially, create something to reflect you and your personalities.

Then what about the wording…

If you are keen to pucker up but the traditional language doesn’t resonate with you, change it! There are endless versions of saying the same thing, find the one that sits best with you. Here are some options, but we can craft whatever is best for you:

‘I now invite you to share a kiss’

‘How about a kiss?’

‘You may now kiss each other’

‘And may kiss’

‘Now might be a good time for a kiss!’

OR say nothing at all…after all it may feel like the most natural thing in the world to kiss each other at that moment, you don’t need anyone’s cue!

The beauty of a celebrant-led wedding is you have choice; there is no requirement for any specific element or wording. You can choose the wording or whether you want to have ‘the kiss’ or not! Get in touch and let’s plan a wedding ceremony which you are comfortable with and which is the perfect reflection of you as a couple!


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