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Why write your own vows?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

As a celebrant, one of the most beautiful things I witness at the wedding ceremonies I conduct is when the couple exchange heartfelt, personal vows. The words that they speak to each other are a declaration of their love, commitment and their dreams for the future together. While some couples opt for traditional vows, I always encourage them to consider writing their own. Writing your own vows will elevate your ceremony to something so much more personal and meaningful and will leave your guests wowed! Here are the reasons why:

Your vows become truly personal. Traditional wedding vows have their place, but they may not always reflect your unique personalities and love story. Writing your own vows allows you to personalise your ceremony and say exactly what you want to say to your partner.

It is a chance to reflect on your relationship. Writing your own vows requires you to take some time to reflect on your relationship, your partner and your future together. It is an opportunity to really think about what you appreciate about each other and what you hope to achieve as a couple.

Your guests will see the real you. When you write your own vows, your personality shines through. Your guests will see the real you and your authentic love for each other. You can also set the tone that is most comfortable for you as a couple. It's a beautiful thing to witness and adds an extra layer of depth to the ceremony.

You can add a personal touch. While traditional vows are beautiful, they can be somewhat generic. When you write your own vows, you can add personal touches that reflect your unique relationship. Whether its a quote from your favourite film or a shared memory, your vows can be a true representation of you and your love.

It's a beautiful expression of your love. Your vows are a beautiful expression of your love for each other. They are a set of promises to each other, and the words you choose will be remembered for years to come. Writing your own vows is a chance to express the depth of your love and commitment to each other in a truly personal way. If you can remember your partner's 'love language' and shape your vows accordingly, they become all the more meaningful!

Ultimately, writing your own vows is a special and meaningful way to celebrate your love in a truly unique and personal way. It's an opportunity to reflect on your relationship, express your love and make a promise to each other that will last a lifetime.

Couples who work with me will be guided through the process and supported to write their own vows which perfectly reflect them, both as individuals and as a couple.

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