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What does a celebrant cost?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

One of the first questions anyone asks me in my role as a celebrant is 'what does a celebrant costs?'. I understand that it is a really important question; when planning any event you need to have a handle on your costs. In particular when comparing a celebrant to other options for your ceremony (registrar, religious leader). So in this blog I am going to provide a little more insight in to the cost of a celebrant, their value, and why choosing one based solely on their advertised price may not be the best idea...

Bride placing a wedding ring on grooms wedding finger as part of a celebrant led ceremony with Beth Kirkham ceremonies
Beth Kirkham Ceremonies, local Sussex Celebrant

First and foremost, it is important to understand that UK celebrants are not regulated or licensed. The vast majority are totally self employed and therefore set their own rates. In setting their fees, they are likely to have taken in to account the some or all of the following:

  • Their time

  • Costs such as travel

  • Experience and training

  • What they offer in terms of their service (not all celebrants include the same's important to do your research!)

  • The type of ceremony

  • The day of the week

The time and effort put in to creating your perfect ceremony makes up a large proportion of the cost of a celebrant; the role of a celebrant is far larger than just turning up on the day and delivering the ceremony itself. Unlike registrars (who you will only meet on the day of your ceremony), celebrants spend a significant amount of time getting to know their clients, crafting and curating each ceremony script and rehearsing the delivery. This process can take anywhere between 10-20 hours, so it is worth keeping that in mind when assessing prices.

It is really important to look closely at what is included in any individual celebrants fee; will they meet with you in person, visit your venue, do they include travel, do they offer a rehearsal? If these are important to you and are not included, then you are likely to incur additional fees.

So what can you expect to pay for a celebrant in the UK? Prices can vary greatly, but as a guide a wedding celebrant is likely to charge somewhere between £500-£1,000 and a funeral celebrant somewhere between £180-£400. There are some brilliant directories where you can find and compare lots of celebrants, in particular The Celebrant Directory which allows you to search geographically and includes photos, videos and reviews to help you make your decision.

When doing your research, I understand that cost is really important, but there are some other things that you might like to think about to help find the right match for you:

  • What style of ceremony to they specialise in?

  • Do you 'click' (it is so important to try and arrange a video call or in person meeting)?

  • Do you like their tone of voice?

  • Do you feel relaxed and happy when talking with them?

  • Are they interested in you....rather than just talking about them self?!

  • Do you like their energy?

  • Do you trust them and feel confident that they can hold space and conduct your ceremony in the way you want them to?

Bride and Groom stood in front of ceremony arch at the side of a lake at Woodmancote Place, Sussex. Beth Kirkham Ceremonies officiates and smiles at the couple as they are reading their vows.
Wedding ceremony at Woodman Cote Place, Sussex

In conclusion, hiring a celebrant for your ceremony can be a significant expense, but it is important to consider that the value they bring to your ceremony is priceless. Celebrants bring a unique and totally bespoke touch to your day, creating a memorable event that reflects your personality and values. So, if you're looking to hire a celebrant, be prepared to invest in the experience - it's worth it!

Get in touch to find out more about celebrant led ceremonies and how I can ensure you have the best ceremony possible!

Photo credits from a styled shoot at Woodmancote Place, Henfield, Sussex.

Venue/styling: @woodmancoteplace

Furniture and aisle set-up: @tohaveandtohire_wedding

Florist : @florianhove

Photography: @bluehoursphoto

Tableware hire: @placesettings_

Candles: @thegreyworks

Brides dresses: @Velvet_birdcage_bespoke_bridal

Bridal accessories: @garterandveil

Couple Models: @CoupleofWans

Hair/MUA: @zoehoddmakeup

Celebrant: @bethkirkhamceremonies

Stationery: @Theoxfordcalligrapher

Jewellery: @lguessjewellers

Shoes: @Beccibossshoes

Cake: @elizabethberrycakes

Bridesmaids dresses: @saffandsass

Bridesmaids : @malinaifrim @hannahloupole2

Groomsmen: @robertjmccloskey

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