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Matt and Bryony's wedding at Pelham House, Lewes

Bryony and Matt found me on Instagram and as soon as Bryony got in touch we started to discover a whole host of co-incidences and similarities which left us both believing that fate had connected us (not least....bees!). Their wedding in June 2023 took place at Pelham House in Lewes and they were blesssed with gorgeous weather!

"Couldn't have asked for a more EPIC ceremony for our wedding."

Bryony, Bride

This couple wanted a ceremony that would suprise and delight their guests. That would have them all talking about it for years to come. They wanted something fun and modern but not without some really heartfelt emotion and ceremonial gravitas. They were amazing to work with, they shared willingly, were open to ideas and suggestions and we all became friends by the end of it.

The hope all along had been that they would be able to hold their ceremony outside and with the weather being so unpredictable this summer, all three of us were constantly checking our weather apps! They got so lucky and it was the perfect day - dry and bright but not too hot, just right!

The ceremony itself included lots of fun - they had flower ushers who came down the aisle ahead of the bridal party, showering everyone in confetti and immediately setting the scene that this was not going to be any old boring ceremony!

They wrote their own personal vows and to decide who was going to share theirs first...rock paper scissors of course!

When it came to exchanging rings, we played a slightly mean trick on the best man (the couple knew he could take it!) as when I turned to him to ask for the rings he didn't have them and looked panic stricken. We had secretly hidden them under one of the guests' chair and when everyone had to search for them it created a seriously memorable moment (and a lot of relief when they were safely delivered!).

There were lots of laughs but also a few tears as we remembered those who couldn't be there on the day and the couple made some very hearfelt promises to each other.

The day was full of joy and their ceremony really set the vibe for the rest of the celebrations. It was an intimate, relaxed and inclusive ceremony that I KNOW both the couple and their guests will be talking about for years to come!

The day was gorgeously captured in all of these images by Nick Davies Photography.

"That was were so warm and friendly, you can tell you love what you do."

Groomsman following the ceremony!

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