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Martyn and Stephanie's Wedding at The Oak Barn, Frame Farm

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Martyn and Stephanie's wedding day at the gorgeous Oak Barn, Frame Farm was much anticipated (Stephanie had waited 11 years for Martyn to propose!). Theirs was a true family affair on a lovely day in July 2023.

"Her style is both sentimental and funny, and there were lots of moments throughout the ceremony that will stick in my mind forever."

Stephanie, Bride

Stephanie and Martyn had been together for more than a decade when they decided to get married. They both love the outdoors and nature and chose a venue which reflected their environmental values. They already had two gorgeous boys and they very much wanted their ceremony to be a fun and inclusive occasion that would celebrate them all as a family (not forgetting Buster the dog who got a special mention too!).

The ceremony incorporated family and friends while keeping the couple central and celebrating their love. Stephanie wrote a beautiful poem which was read by one of her friends. The couple's eldest son delivered another reading perfectly and all four of them took part in a unity candle ritual. This ritual visually represented the four of them combining their individual glows to create a new light to guide them through life with warmth, comfort and security.

The couple didn't want to exchange rings but did write wonderfully heartfelt vows to each other which they shared with all of their guests too.

The finale of this ceremony though was the most epic sing-a-long! Inspired by Elton John's Glastonbury performance, the couple chose "Are You Ready For Love" and their friends and family literally raised the roof with the most enthusiastic and joyful singing ever - it absolutely set them all up for the party that lay ahead!

Maya at Blooming Flair created the most stunning florals for the day and Stephanie looked stunning in her dress from White Leaf Boutique in Brighton. Kitty Wheeler Shaw totally nailed it with the gorgeous photos of the day....just look at them!

"It was a lovely, personal, warm and friendly service and I'll definitely be pinching a couple of ideas for my own weddings!"

Andrew, brother of the bride (he is a vicar!)

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