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Deconsecrated buildings – the fairy tale setting without the need for religion.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I can’t be the only person who loves a chapel / church but isn’t religious. When it comes to planning your wedding, this can feel like a bit of a conundrum. The setting of a church feels romantic, classic and apt for your wedding ceremony, but you aren’t a practising Christian.

Well, I have the answer for you…

There are some amazingly stunning deconsecrated chapels and churches around. These buildings are no longer run by the Church and can therefore be used to host celebrant-led ceremonies which tick all the boxes in terms of creating your own perfect ceremony and can weave in elements of any faith, multiple or none.

As I’m based in Sussex, I thought I would share some of my favourites which are around my corner of the country. If you are looking for a gorgeous venue, you really can’t go wrong with taking a look at some of these….

All Saints Chapel, Eastbourne

The gothic Victorian splendour of this building is absolutely breath taking. Some even call it ‘Eastbourne’s very own St Pancras Station’. The venue can accommodate up to 150 people and can also host your reception. Pets are welcome too, so it’s the perfect place to include your furry friend in your ceremony (yes, it’s possible with a celebrant ceremony!). Being located just a stones throw from the sea, it is also ideal for nipping off for some amazing beach side photos!

Asylum Chapel, Peckham, London

This enchanting building has survived two centuries; during World War 2 it was heavily bombed, destroying much of it’s beauty but the stunning stained glass windows stood strong and remain to this day. This venue is full of history and brimming with rustic romance. It can seat up to 120 people and provides a stunning backdrop to your perfect ceremony. You can be certain all of your guests will be wow-ed by this one!

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

Located in the heart of Brighton, this venue allows you to immerse yourself in a city wedding. The interiors provide a dramatic setting, but a blank canvas which allows you to decorate it in your own style. Don’t be put off by the fact that they don’t have a licence for ceremonies….it is not required for a celebrant-led ceremony (and the town hall is really close if you want to include your legal ceremony on the same day).

And if you are looking for a celebrant to bring the venue to life with your own personal story of love, life and laughs then get in touch, I’d love to have a chat!

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