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Naming ceremonies...for more than just babies!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Talk about a #namingceremony and I think most of us think of an alternative to a Christening, baptism or other religious ceremony. One which welcomes a new life in to the world. Of course, that IS what they are...but they are also appropriate for other significant life events.

These are ceremonies that hold no legal requirement and as such they can be held anywhere, in any style and can be a wholly personal reflection of the occasion they mark. Here are some of the other reasons that someone may choose to book a celebrant for a naming ceremony:


Adoption ceremonies are a really special way to mark and honour a new addition to a family and could be for a child of any age and indeed for any family set up.

It is likely to include the sharing of promises but it is also possible to include readings, symbolic rituals and perhaps even a theme (maybe the child’s favourite book, or similar). Significant adults may be appointed in the role of ‘guide parents’ or ‘mentors’ (or whatever you choose to call them!).

The aim is to make the child/ren feel welcomed in to their new family and for those around them to show their love, commitment and support for them.

Of course, the process of adoption can be tough and there can be all sorts of different factors and emotions to consider, for this reason any ceremony should always be created with the child/ren and their own personalities in mind.


For individuals who have chosen to change their name, a re-naming ceremony is a great opportunity to celebrate their new beginning and for family and friends to show their support and love. This may be particularly relevant for someone who has transitioned and wants to mark this significant milestone.

The joining of two families

A ceremony to mark the blending of two families can be a really meaningful way to recognise and celebrate the union. The aim is to celebrate with family and friends and for them to share their love and support.

Baby naming

A celebration of new life! Most commonly they take place between the ages of two months and one year; but this does not have the be the case, and it can be a lovely occasion after the birth of a family’s final child, to incorporate all of the children together.

Guide parents (or other chosen name) may be appointed to play a significant role in the child/ren’s upbringing. Ceremonies may include readings, music, rituals and promises.

Baby naming after death

In the case of a baby tragically dying in it’s early weeks, parents may wish to honour their life with a naming ceremony. This can be coordinated as part of a funeral service and can be a beautiful way to acknowledge the baby as part of the family.

So whatever the occasion, if you want to mark an important life milestone and want to ensure you create something truly meaningful and memorable then please get in touch!

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